How Maplestory tricks users.


How Maplestory tricks users.

Maplestory first recharges by citing customers, tempts equipment lottery, and then tempts users to buy and sell equipment and strengthen equipment.
When your consumption reaches a certain level and the consumption is suspended, as long as the consumption limit is not reached for more than one month, the Nexon administrator will find a reason to ban your account. The reason is always that you use a third party. Special attention is paid here to the so-called third party, including Windows applications such as Facebook, Youtube, etc. That is to say, as long as you have Nexon on your computer, they compete or they do not want your computer Existing applications, you play the game is to use a third party to violate the agreement, this reason can directly ban your account permanently.
In this way, your consumption will be completely deceived by them, and then when you contact Nexon’s customer service, they will tell you that there is no way to lift the ban. If you want to play, you can re-register a new account and re-consume.
Maplestory, is the world’s largest game fraud company, I hope everyone can take this as a warning.


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